Online bingo etiquette

We are all adults and love to relax and have a good chin wag with friends, poking the occasional joke. There are just a few rules and things we like to do in order to keep these online bingo rooms as fun as they are.

Chat Behaviour

  • We are all here to have fun and enjoy a few games of bingo. To this end you MUST remain positive in MAIN chat AT ALL TIMES. If you would like us to know something that’s not positive please either use private chat with a host, or email
  • We all love winning, and just like in real life, players often go on lucky streaks. Please do not make them feel bad for having good luck – or for you having bad luck! So our motto is “always congratulate and never moan!”
  • Please do not harass or bother other players at True Blue Bingo. If you do not like another player, just ignore them. Harassment is a no-no, and will result in your chat privileges being removed.
  • Remember that not all roomies are here to chat. If another player is not replying to you, they may just be very shy, on schedule buy or auto buy and away from their computers, have a headache or any of a million different reasons. Please leave them alone.
  • Improper discussion in chat may result in having your ability to chat suspended.
  • Be respectful of your roomies and CH’s at ALL TIMES, no racial, ethnic or sexual slurs allowed in chat.
  • Be mindful of your language and subject matter, as any inappropriate language or subject matter, or bullying behaviour will result in your chat privileges being taken away or you being removed from the chat room.
  • If you have acted inappropriately in chat our CH on duty will either:
    1. remove your chat privileges instantly and explain in private chat what has happened, or
    2. they will warn you once in main chat, and remove your chat privileges on the second occasion!

Chat Games

  • Chat games are for players who are chatting. If you are sitting silent in the chat room don’t be surprised if you are not allowed to claim a chat game. TY, WD, GL is not considered chatting, we consider having a conversation chatting.
  • The max BBz pay-out per CG or CG Promo win is 20BBz unless otherwise specified.


  • Please only use CAPITALS for emphasis.
  • Please don’t spam chat noises or chat pictures to the detriment of everyone else’s pleasure in chat.
  • The decision of the CH’s in any circumstance is final.
  • Do not endorse, solicit or promote any other sites in chat, including the posting of any web links.
  • Do not post ANY personal details including phone number and email addresses in chat.
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