Online bingo games

Online bingo is a great way to chill and enjoy a fair dinkum game of online bingo as you sip a coldie by the pool, or lounge in your favourite chair. It’s simple, entertaining and could see you cashed up in no time.

The format of the games is really easy to understand and newcomers will quickly catch on, while experts can jump right in and enjoy hours of online entertainment.

True Blue Bingo is pure, unadulterated fun and is a great way to chill and win lots of money with fully automated interactive playing.

75 and 90-Ball Bingo

There are five 90-Ball Bingo rooms at True Blue Bingo, and one 75-Ball Bingo room:

  • Ice Breaker – 75-Ball open 24/7
  • Snickers – 90-Ball open 5pm – 12 Noon EDT
  • Grapevine – 90-Ball open 24/7
  • Easy Wins – 90-Ball open 11pm – 11am EDT
  • Treasure Chest – 90-Ball – 3am – 10am EDT

Each of these rooms has its own unique style and benefits. Players can pick and choose which one suits their particular flavour best. Variety is the spice of life, give them all a burl. LOL!

  • Ice Breaker: This is 75-Ball Bingo at its best, a perfect room to chill and play some unique profitable special jackpots!
  • Snickers: This room is choc full of nuts LOL, and plays some unique fun special jackpots!
  • Grapevin: There will be new bingo games and Grapevine will be open 24 hours a day!
  • Easy Wins: Play free bingo every day.
  • Treasure Chest: Play all new bingo games with BIG prizes daily.

Check out our bingo schedules page for more details on when and how you can take part and play in any of the online bingo rooms.

More about online bingo

75-Ball Bingo is played on a 5 x 5 grid ticket with a free square in the centre.

When you play the 75-Ball Bingo there is one bingo prize to win each game although on some games we do award consolation prizes to the players who missed out.

90-Ball Bingo is played on a ticket with three rows. Each row has five random numbers in it that range from 1 to 90.

When you play the 90-Ball Bingo you can win on a 1-line, 2-line and Full House. That’s more chances to win on each ticket.

Look out for these wins:

  1. First Line win – when all five numbers on any one of the three lines are marked off
  2. Second Line win – when all ten numbers on any two of the lines are marked off
  3. Full House win – all of the numbers on the ticket are marked off

Managing to get all three of these wins in one game is called a hat trick or “hatty” as it’s known, so well done if you score one of these!

There is also the auto-daub feature available at True Blue Bingo which takes care of all the technical bits, leaving you a free hand for a coldie ;).

When a number is called, it will be automatically marked off your ticket. This means you have plenty of time to have more fun yakking to your mates in chat while the game carries on. The fun never stops here mate!

At True Blue Bingo you will have the chance to play for even bigger jackpots, and special big games. Check out Jackpots page for more information on the massive prizes!

Don’t be a flaming galah, buy your bingo tickets in time or you won’t have the chance to take part. Like they say, ‘You have to in it to win it!’

Personalise your True Blue Bingo experience

Make your bingo game your own at True Blue Bingo. You can personalise the sounds and visuals in the bingo lobby by pressing the options button to the right of your balances.

You can choose what flavour dauber you would like:

You can also choose what size of letters you need in chat and what sounds you want to hear. You can even mute all sounds with one click of your mouse if you need some peace and quiet. The mute button is just below the room name at the top of the screen pictured below.

The choice is yours!

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