How to play online bingo

Bingo is a fun online game and very simple to play even if you haven’t ever played bingo before! There are some basic elements of the game that you’ll need to know so we’ve created this Bingo Basics 101 guide for you.

Bingo Basics 101


Your object in a game of bingo is to mark off either a pattern or line of numbers to get a bingo win based on the style of bingo you are playing. There are two versions of online bingo you can play at True Blue Bingo:

  • 75-Ball bingo – a bingo game using a square 5 x 5 ticket playing for one prize. You can either play a pre set pattern, or need to get all of the numbers on your ticket.

  • 90-Ball bingo – a bingo game using a rectangle ticket with three lines playing for three prizes. 1st line, 2nd line and Full House (FH, which is the entire ticket marked off)

You won’t get two tickets that are completely identical as the computer randomly generates the tickets for you. Bonza!


When you play bingo games as well as playing for the prizes talked about above some games will also have Jackpots available. A jackpot is an extra prize that you will win if you bingo in 75 ball or bingo FH in 90 ball within a certain number of balls.

We have many different types of jackpots available

  • Cashblitz: A set value jackpot whose balls to jackpot will grow each hour or day played.
  • PJP: A progressive jackpot value that grows with every ticket sold. The balls to jackpot will also grow one ball every 4 or more days.
  • SJP: Special Jackpots that are played in Ice Breaker and Snickers only. There are 8 different jackpots that play and they result in over 1,000 cash given away each week in each room!

Click here to read all about all of our great jackpots and when they play.

How to claim bingo?

Playing online bingo is a piece of cake! Everything is automatic so there is no fear of missing out on any wins. Your tickets will mark off numbers called automatically, and when you win, you need to nothing at all except sit back and watch the money roll in.

Our games will even play while you are offline, so if you lose internet connection, or want to play a game while you can’t be here you can buy in advance and have peace of mind that any winnings will be waiting for you on your return to True Blue bingo.

More than bingo available

When you have had a good look around, played a few games online and are no longer a bingo virgin, get adventurist and check out the different chat games being played, slots and casino games available, the various weekly and monthly promotions on the go and other special bonus opportunities you can look forward to at True Blue Bingo to increase your winning chances that much more.

Any questions?

Contact the 24/7 support staff, or pop into Ice Breaker or Snickers for a chin wag with one of our friendly Chat hosts who can either answer your questions or put you in touch with the right person to help out.

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